Current Courses

  • 2019 Spring: I543 Interaction Design Methods (2 sections)
  • 2019 Spring: I694 Thesis/Capstone in HCI/d

Past Courses

  • I300 Introduction to Human Computer Interaction (F2011)
  • I528 Participatory Design (S2014)
  • I543 Interaction Design Methods (Spring of 2018-2012, Fall of 2011-2008)
  • I590 Advanced Prototyping (F2012, F2013)
  • I590 CSCW (S2008, S2009, S2010)
  • I609 PhD Seminar in HCI (Topic: Affective and Intimate Interactions)
  • I694 Thesis/Capstone in HCI/d (S2018, S2017, S2016)

Current PhD Students

  • Cyn Liu (co-advised with Jeffrey Bardzell)
  • Patrycja Zdziarska (co-advised with Jeffrey Bardzell)

PhD Students (Program Advisor/Dissertation Chair)

PhD Dissertation Committee

  • Guo Zhang Freeman (Graduated 2015, now at Clemson University)
  • Austin Toombs (Graduated 2016, now at Purdue University) (co-advised with Jeffrey Bardzell)
  • Dave Roedl (Graduated 2016)
  • Beenish Chaudry (Graduated 2014)
  • Miguel Angel Lara (Graduated 2013)
  • Natalie DeWitt (Graduated 2013)
  • Adity Upoma (Graduated 2011)
  • Tammy Tasco (Graduated 2011)
  • Sonya Satinsky (Graduated 2010)

PhD External Reader

  • Linda Tonolli. Department of Information and Communication Technology, University of Trento (2018).
  • Jill Dimond. School of Interactive Computing. Georgia Institute of Technology. (Graduated 2012)
  • Judith Glover. Industrial Design and Product Design Engineering. Swinburne University of Technology, Australia (Graduated 2012)