• Very pleased to be on the social justice and design panel at CSCW2017 to advocate the need to understand, teach, strengthen, and reward the epistemology of hope.


  • Very pleased about the publication of “Reconstituting the Utopian Vision of Making: HCI after Technosolutionism,” with Jeffrey Bardzell and Silvia Lindtner. This is the first collaborative papers based on our NSF-funded research on making and economic pathways and is grounded on my ongoing research on feminist utopian futuring. Best yet, it won a Honorable Mention award at ACM CHI2016!
  • The special issue “Feminism and (Un)Hacking” for Journal of Peer Production I co-edited with Lilly Nguyen, Sophie Toupin are available now!
  • Having been quite busy this year organizing various workshops and panels at 4S/EASST, PDC, DIS, CHI on topics ranging from making/DIY, fabrication, industrial production, to documenting research through design processes, social justice among others.


  •  Jeffrey and I gave a series of presentations on “Humanistic HCI as an Approach to Critical Computing” at University of Oslo in Olso, Norway, KTH in Stockholm, Sweden, and Aarhus University, Denmark between October and December. These talks were based on our new book, Humanistic HCI.
  • I am chairing the Technical Program of Aarhus 2015 (Conference theme: Critical Alternatives), along with Ole Iversen.


  • I chaired the Technical Program of ACM DIS2014, along with Carman Neustaedter and Eric Paulos.
  • I was awarded a Trustees Teaching Award at Indiana University.


  • I was invited to give a talk on “Critical Thinking through (and about) Critical Design” at Intel Corporation in March.


  • I, along with Jeffrey Bardzell and Erik Stolterman, received over $1.85 million in July 2012 to create the Intel Science and Technology Center for Social Computing at Indiana University. The IU team is part of a $12.5 million research center composed of faculty from UC-Irvine, Cornell University, Georgia Tech, and New York University in an exploration of information technology and digital media as a social and cultural phenomena.


  • I was invited to speak at CMU’s HCII Seminar Series in Nov on the topic of feminist HCI.
  • My students Anna Eaglin, Matt Edward, Ammar Halabi, Dan Richert, and Marisol Villacres will present their MS Capstone and Tabletop design research at CHI2011 Work-in-Progress.


  • In March 2010, I received the WIC Informatics Graduate Faculty of the Year Award in recognition for exceptional commitment and dedication to female students in the School of Informatics and Computing.
  • I am giving a keynote address at the Celebrating Women In Computing Banquet at the IU School of Informatics and Computing